Disaster Recovery

CD Solutions provides several options to transmit and backup your information over the Internet to protect essential data from loss.

CD Solutions can automatically take your information and transmit it to its facility using any standard Internet browser.

You can backup using client and server components that work together to provide a simple automated backup solution for any number of users.  Backup data automatically to our server over Intranets, the Internet, or Dial-Up Networking. Instantly restore data from any location. Client software runs conveniently on each user's computer to maintain a regular backup of important files to our backup server.

Your documents and reports are stored off-site at our location, and that information is available twenty-four hours daily, seven days a week anywhere in the world.  You will have uninterrupted access to important information.

Peace of mind comes with preparedness. Having your critical information stored off-site, yet available on a 24x7 basis around the globe, is the best of all worlds when it comes to disaster recovery planning.

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