Internet Document Management

We can host all of your scanned or Computer Output data on one of our dedicated Internet Secured Servers. Your personnel can then access these documents from their Web Browser with full encryption and high security. We take care of the hardware, software, storage, backups, maintenance and administration for you.

You can also scan your documents and send them to us through the Internet,  not as email attachments, but as Image Hosting and Online Scanning.

Benefits of Internet Document Management
·  Eliminates the need to invest in capital expenditures.
·  Eliminates the need of costly administration.
·  Information is available 24x7.
·  Information is secured and encrypted off-site.
·  Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

No need to wait for your Information Services Department to approve, acquire, and set up internal servers and resources. Many I.S. Departments prefer this approach since it requires less of their resources.

We are an Internet aware company and have a complete infrastructure to turn Internet Document Publishing into a reality for you. We have broadband and high-availability servers to give you speed, safety and security. Your documents will be available on a 24/7 basis to your authorized personnel only.


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