Conversion of Microfiche
Microfilm / Aperture Cards

Microfiche / Microfilm / Aperture Cards are converted to digitized images and can then be accessed from a CD, the Internet, disks or other media.

Our microfiche / microfilm conversion processing will convert your files to the best quality images available. Your fiche or film will be returned to you on CD or can be accessed via the Internet.  We provide you with a number of options to search, view, and print your images that will meet your specific needs.

Our Aperture Card conversions provide the highest quality images available.  Files can be named according to the Hollerith data punched into the card or by other naming conventions.
Our services include:
·  Document preparation
·  Microfilm / Microfiche Scanning and Conversion
·  Image clean-up
·  Indexing and Index verification
·  Scanning text with OCR and OCR correction
·  Database conversion and creation
·  Search and Retrieval software options
·  Internet Image Hosting with full encryption and security
·  Quality Control Assurance

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