Scanning of Paper Documents

Scanning of Paper Documents is the conversion of paper documents  into electronic images.  These images are then indexed and stored on a CD-ROM, DVD, hard drive, network, optical disc, Intranet or the Internet. Documents can now be retrieved quickly and effortlessly.

CD Solutions document imaging and document management services will help you find files faster, organize documents easily, save space and distribute information more quickly.

Benefits of Scanning Paper Documents:
·  Documents can be found quickly
·  Records can be managed easily
·  Reduced Labor costs in document retrieval time
·  Documents and Images can be stored centrally
·  Decreased storage space
·  Eliminates filing cabinets
·  Disaster Recovery--Duplicate information and put off-site easily

·  Payroll Register, Time Cards
·  Shipping Documents, Proof of Delivery
·  Invoices, Sales Orders, Work Orders
·  Accounting, A/P, A/R, W2s, 1099s, G/L, Finance, Billings
·  Medical Records, Insurance Claims, UB 82s
·  HR Records, Applications
·  Student Records, Grade Reports
·  Manufacturing, Engineering Drawings, Labor Reports
·  Public Records
·  Government, Building & Planning, Permits
·  Bank Statements
·  Legal Documents, Contracts

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