COLD / Computer Output
Management Services

COLD / Computer Output Management Services
Outsourcing COLD / COM to us is a cost-effective and efficient method of transferring computer generated reports or other files to CD, optical disc, the Internet, hard disk, removable disk or a server. 

Invoices, payroll, accounting, financial, bank statements, manufacturing, sales, medical, insurance, W2s, and student reports are a few of the many applications we handle.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Us:
·  You can find your information instantly. 
·  Eliminates the need to make multiple copies of reports.
·  Simplifies the distribution of bulky reports.
·  Improves Productivity, while reducing Administrative costs.
·  Eliminates the need to invest in capital expenditures.

CD Solutions has developed its own exclusive, retrieval software, MetaCOM
©, which has the fastest search engine in the industry.  An entire report with over 300,000 pages can be searched in a matter of seconds to find any word or phrase instantly.  All software releases are backwards compatible.

Information can be accessed from CD-ROMs, DVDs, optical discs, hard drives, networks, the Internet or other disk storage media.

·  Provides high storage capabilities.
·  Data remains unalterable.
·  Life expectancy is longer than paper or microfiche.
·  Meets International Standards, ISO-9660, to limit the
    risk of obsolescence.

On-Line, Internet  or Network
·  Information can be accessed online via the Internet/Intranet.
·  Information can be accessed directly from your PC hard drive.
·  Information can be accessed directly from your network drive.

FTP Services
Files can be transferred electronically via the Internet.  Upload and download files to our server using any standard Internet browser.

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